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Testimonial from Ron Duncombe, Maverik Monster Truck
Thanks a million to Walt & the gang @ PDR  talk about  great quick service and what a professional job. I would highly recommend their work!!
Ron Duncombe

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Testimonial from Roger A Foisy

Dear PDR Specialists
When my son Jeremy brought our little black Jetta to us yesterday, we were amazed at how well the dents had been removed. Please be assured that we will gladly recommend your services to everyone we know.
In addition, we were literally thrilled when he told us you did not leave a bill. My son who is packing up for his trip to Iraq will especially appreciate what you did to contribute, especially because it seems as though there is so much to worry about before he leaves. We were all feeling bad to have to offer his car for sale with those three dents in the side. You were right; now it looks great again.
We're not sure how to adequately thank you for helping with one more of his worries; hopefully some day we'll discover how we can 'get even'. In the meantime, that was an extremely nice gesture on your part. Please know how appreciative we are and how thankful Erik is to have one more item off his list before he goes.

Very Sincerely,

Roger A Foisy

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dragster Top Dragster of Steve Priest
PDR Specialists a proud sponsor of the best!

Displaying the PDR Specialists logo on the side of Steve Priests top dragster is a privilege and an example of the commitment and service PDR Specialists has for all his customers in the automotive industry.
Testimonial from Kevin Bailey   Testimonial from Jon LeVasscur
Did a great Job. You can't even tell my goofs any where. I jack knifed my trailer into my black dodge. Great Job and Fast service. Looks good as New.
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